What is streaming? Simply explained

The word “streaming” usually comes into contact when it comes to movies and series. In this practical tip we explain exactly what streaming is, how it works and what you should take into account when streaming.

Streaming – that’s what streaming is all about

Broadly speaking, streaming means playing content on your computer via the internet or via a network.

• During streaming, data packets are sent continuously and processed immediately.

• For example, if you watch a video on YouTube, the video file is downloaded in small parts to your device and played immediately. In contrast to a conventional download, the data is not permanently stored, but immediately discarded.

• Streaming becomes problematic if your internet connection is too slow. In this case, the video will falter because the following data has not yet been downloaded.

• A stream can of course also take place from one of your devices to another. For example, you can stream media from your iPhone to your Apple TV.

These streaming portals exist

There are now quite a few streaming portals that you can use in USA.

• Netflix: in addition to TV series and feature films, the US streaming provider also offers you many of its own productions that have even been awarded Golden Globes. How Netflix works, read here.

• Amazon Prime Instant Video: the streaming offer from the online store is also very extensive and offers you many different series and films. More information about Amazon Prime Instant Video can be found in this article.

• Hulu: the American streaming provider Hulu not only offers you American films and series, but also many foreign productions. We have summarized more about the current highlights on Hulu in another article for you.