What is Netflix? Simply explained

The streaming service “Netflix” is often mentioned when it comes to watching movies and TV programs online. What’s behind it, but many users don’t know. That is why we show you what Netflix is ​​about and how the service works.

Netflix is ​​a video-on-demand service. You can view films and series legally on the website.

• In addition to highlights such as Breaking Bad, How I With Your Mother, Sherlock and House of Cards, you will also find German series such as Dark, How to Sell Drugs (almost) online, Stromberg and Pastewka.

• Netflix gives you access to all content, regardless of the monthly costs. You do not have to make any additional purchases compared to other services such as Amazon Prime Video.

• The Video-on-Demand service is not only available on the computer, but also as a smartphone app. You can find out if the subscription to Netflix is ​​worth it in an additional article.

Movies and TV shows on Netflix

The Netflix offer is extremely large compared to many other VOD providers. Netflix offers more than 1,000 series and several hundred series in the digital video library.

• In addition to well-known international and national films and series, Netflix also increasingly offers its own productions.

• These include “Narcos”, “Orange is the New Black” and “House of Cards”. Especially with their own productions, Amazon Prime Video and Netflix try to distinguish themselves from each other.

• Unfortunately, due to the amount of content there is no clear list where you can view all Netflix content before you subscribe. However, once you have created an account, you can search for suitable movies and series in different categories or rely on the service’s suggestions.

Netflix: those are the costs

The cheapest rate costs you 7.99 dollars per month. The content is streamed in SD quality, access is only possible on one device at a time.

• If you pay $ 11.99 per month, the quality will be increased to HD. Now the simultaneous access of two devices is possible.

• For monthly $ 15.99, the quality is further increased to Ultra HD. For this you need a corresponding TV. In addition, you can use Netflix on up to four devices at the same time.

• You can use Netflix completely free for the first 30 days. If you cancel within this trial period, you will not be charged.