USA: streaming services depend on TV channels

Streaming is still increasing. The two market leaders Netflix and Amazon have sold some well-known American television stations.

A race has started in the entertainment industry for several years. It is the classic television against streaming. Comparisons are possible within the reach of the customer, the variety of formats, but also within the finances. In the latter case, the “heavyweights” Amazon and Netflix have turned off the American TV channels.

Turner, CBS and HBO are the benchmark for things in America, in conventional television. IHS market researchers have now found that financial leaps are made larger in streaming services than in television broadcasters.

Amazon and Netflix: Investments and revenues

Amazon and Netflix would have performed $ 7.5 billion better last year than Turner, HBO and CBS broadcasters. The figures between 2013 and 2015 are particularly significant.

Amazon increased its investment from 1.22 billion to 2.67 billion dollars

Netflix initially invested 2.38 billion euros and grew to 4.91 billion dollars

The study is a mirror that shows the change in the entertainment sector. Extra customers are won or tied up with this investment volume. Netflix and Amazon have not yet reached the top. Two companies can still surpass them here.

Disney invested $ 11.84 billion

NBC invested $ 10.27 billion

The streaming services cannot even come close to these two companies. Or should it be mentioned – not yet? Because Netflix has expanded in many countries and Amazon is following a global strategy. The growth of customers in Europe and other continents outside of America has yet to pick up.

However, IHS Markit is not talking about the end of classic television. Because more investments were also made there. The cable networks launched 148 series production in 2015. A year earlier there were only 138 pieces – even just 96 in 2013. Although America, where most formats originate, gets the most attention in the research, Western Europe was also enlightened. A total of US $ 38.6 billion was invested here. England is at the top of the list with 10.7 billion, followed by Germany with 7.3 billion.