Stream Joyn on TV – this is how it works

With the streaming service Joyn, offers from the channels Pro7, Sat 1 and many other TV programs can be retrieved. As a young portal, Joyn is not yet optimally compatible with some devices. Here’s how you can stream Joyn to your TV.

• Joyn app already, but only the models from the 2017 year.

• If you have an older device or device from LG, you will also find the Joyn app in the store, but it will still be forwarded to its predecessor “7TV”.

• You can also transfer Joyn to the TV via streaming stick. Simply connect the stick to the HDMI input of your TV. You can easily access the Joyn app via the Amazon Fire TV Stick or Nvidia Shield.

Joyn can also be streamed on Apple TVs or Amazon’s Fire TV.

• If you own a Fire TV from Amazon, you can access the offer via the Joyn app. The application can easily be downloaded via the TV.

• Chromecast users can also bring Joyn to their screen via this program.

• Apple TV owners have a little more trouble. You can download the app to the TV via Airplay to reach Joyn.

• Joyn is not currently playing on a game console such as the Playstation. However, this may change in the future if the consoles continue to develop.

• If you want to use Joyn without Smart TV, you can also use the laptop. In this case, simply call in the browser and connect your laptop to the TV with an HDMI cable.

The technique of screen mirroring is also a good way to watch Joyn on a TV.

• To bring Joyn to the screen via screen mirroring, you must first activate this function in the main menu of the TV.

• Android devices can now connect to the TV via Wi-Fi Direct technology.

• Open “Settings” on Android and then tap “Device Connections” and “Screen Mirroring”. This starts the process automatically.

• The Smart TV must be searched and displayed, otherwise tap “Scan”.

• Now you can open Joyn on the Android device and enjoy it on the big screen.