Few of the best alternatives to 123movies

Online streaming is a delivery process where the content is sent in a compressed form and is watched by the viewer. Who will deliver this?!! The internet does this for you. In simpler terms it is a process of multimedia which receives the information from the provider and presents it to another end user.

How does this work

The audience can watch it by using their media players after the file is transmitted. Sometimes there is also a possibility of live streaming where the content is transmitted in real-time by the air waves through a television signal.


123movies is an online streaming website which was operated from Vietnam and this allowed users to watch movies for free. This became a convenient way to watch shows and films right from the comfort of our house. Basic requirements would be a laptop or a television with a high speed internet connection with enough bandwidth for uninterrupted service.

Other best alternatives to consider

1. SnagFilms

SnagFilms is another great alternative to 123movies which enables to watch documentaries and also movies. There is an immense collection of over 5000 movies across various genres. There is a great benefit for aspiring filmmakers here. They are allowed to submit their documentaries which can be rated by the viewers. SnagFilms also hosts its own exclusive content and it can be viewed on desktop or tablet and or even a smartphone and is also available as a separate app for its users.

2. Vumoo

Vumoo has gained popularity in the recent years for free streaming and it became one of the best alternative to 123movies. This has a user friendly interface with a well-designed website arranged alphabetically and also sorted out according to the genre as well as release date.

3. Solar Movie

This website enables the user to watch the content which is distributed across various genres without signing up. This site has a single click streaming option which enables the users to watch trailers and also educate themselves with some additional and relevant information related to the content they are interested to watch.

4. Popcornflix

Popcornflix offers free advertisement supported streaming videos and also webisodes. Most of the movies screened by this website come from Screen Media’s collections. This is available in multiple platforms. Apart from web series and movies this site also features originals from film school.

5. Sony Crackle

This is a great product from Sony which is a media giant and a renowned brand. This has a plethora of options to browse with an excellent streaming quality. Signing up is required for its access and also offers an application for users on the go. Their service as of now is available in 20 plus countries and is one of the most preferred by viewers across the globe because of its original content and programming. This is made available in few flights for the entertainment of their passengers and originally this was christened as Grouper, which later became well known as Sony Crackle.

Let’s not wait further as most of these websites are free to use and are great options to stream content online. Find the best that suits you and get hooked.